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The Boomerang Rule

What is the Boomerang Rule?

We generally have one rule: DON'T BE AN A$$HOLE. As an audience member, performer, or student, be respectful and not disruptive. Please don't make us police your behavior in order to protect our audiences, performers, and students. Our house, our rule. Let's all be non-a$$sholes and have a great time together!

Universal Guidelines

Is anything "off limits"?

We do not condone or allow hate speech, harassment, or any activity that endangers the physical safety of our audiences, performers, or students. 


Is there an age requirement?

Unless it is a special family-friendly show or themed performance specifically for younger audiences, you should be prepared to see content suited for mature audiences. We do not generally enforce a minimum age rule, but if we need to make that call, we will. Please just use your best judgment.

How much do tickets cost?

Most of our shows are $15 per ticket. But MOST does not mean ALL. For example, some shows are $10 for one and $15 for two if it's a two-show night, and some are so packed with comedy the prices is $20 or more, while tickets for our open mics and student showcases are free!

Do you have food and drinks?

We are working on getting our snack bar up and running, and sometimes we have food trucks out front. We do not currently have a liquor license, so BYOB isn't allowed.

Where do I park?

We share a parking lot behind the building with Elsie's Plate and Pie. It can get full, and there are other parking lots along Government Street.

How long do shows last?

At least an hour, sometimes longer. Prepare for a good long stretch of laughter! 

What time should I get there?

Doors open 30 minutes ahead of show time. Although it is not true at a lot of comedy clubs, it is true for Boomerang that we REALLY strive to start on time. So if you're rolling in at show time, you're rolling in late!

Are there assigned seats?

Our shows are general admission, so if you want to make sure you get the seat you want with the people you want, it's best to arrive early.

Where is the restroom?

The hallway next to the stage leads to the restroom.


Is there an age requirement or limit?

We've had students from 16 to 70 take our improv and stand up classes. Adult content does come out while practicing improv scenes or stand up sets, so only you can gauge your own level of comfort in those situations.

How much does it cost to take a class?

Registration at our six-week or one-day intensive classes (where we cover 6 weeks of material in one big day) is $145, and usually we run a $20 discount for people who sign up early. Our topic-specific half-day and full-day workshops have varying prices.

I've taken improv I have to start with your 101 class?

Yes, we have a leveled curriculum created just for our theater. Although not everyone is taking improv to become a performer, our curriculum is designed to be a performance track. Everyone who goes through our classes takes them in order and upon completion of the series can then become a company member with regular performance opportunities.

You didn't ask, but...

For as long as you're a student or company member, you (and a guest) get into shows free.

We appreciate your investment, and want you to get the most out of your relationship with Boomerang Comedy Theater. While you are a student and/or a company member (because company members often continue with their training and education with advanced courses), as long as there are seats available, you and a guest can attend any of our shows for FREE.

What are the performance opportunities for students and company members?

Upon completion of a stand up or improv class, students will perform in a show for their families, friends, and fans. Tickets are complimentary, but must be reserved ahead of time - and they go fast.


Graduates of our stand up classes are eligible to perform in our monthly Boom Box stand up showcases, and are then in the pool of performers we draw from when putting lineups together for other shows. 

Graduates of our 101 class are eligible to try out for our short form team that performs monthly. This team also performs at festivals, non-profit fundraisers, and regional improv events. 

Upon successful completion of 401, students become company member and are elibigle to be on a regularly performing house team. 

The theater also does corporate improv training events and murder mystery dinners, and members of the Boomerang family have the right of first refusal when we are casting these events.

If I perform, will I get paid?

Yes, if there are tickets sold to a show, we split the net sales half/half with the group that is performing.  Payments are sent electronically and performers are responsible for their own tax liability.

I have a question you haven't answered here.

Reach out to theater owner Travis by email at or call/text at 706.504.1732.

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